Sunday, September 17, 2017

Do You, Boo!

“You do you, Boo!” such earthly wisdom from reality stars like NeNe Leakes may cause you to fall short of glorifying the King of Kings.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve watched my share of the Real Housewives of Atlanta in the past and NeNe was my reason for watching! She does her in a big bold way at all times and in all situations.

However, I’ve discovered that a constant focus on ‘doing me’ can be toxic to my spiritual life.

It’s important to be authentic. We are wonderfully made. As children of God we are living stones being built into a spiritual house. In view of eternity, knowing Whose I am should lead me to being all that I am for Him and not for my own glory. Does that make sense?

Our behaviors are tied to our beliefs. Much like how the fruit on a tree is connected to the earth by its roots. The fruit has a root.

Our behavior is rooted in what we believe about ourselves, our family and friends, our view of the world, and our concept of God.

If ‘doing you’ leads to ignoring Him Monday through Saturday then what does that say about your relationship with God?

If ‘doing you’ leads to spiteful actions and speaking unkindly all the time then what does that say about how you see yourself?

If ‘doing you’ leads to damaging your marriage then what does that say about your commitment to your vows?

What root does your fruit come from? It’s important to dig out all the unhealthy roots that lead to harmful behavior.

Dr. Dan Allender says in Cry of the Soul, “We are not machines that can be repaired through a series of steps--we are relational beings who are transformed by the mystery of relationship.”

Our roots have been affected by the relationships we have and their fruit will show the results of those seeds that were planted in us.

There are times when my thought life reveals negativity I thought that I had long let go of. I’ve struggled with envy, I’ve struggled with feeling left out, I’ve struggled with trying to be heard. I looked to the wrong people in the wrong places to get emotional and spiritual needs met.

But, those longings can only be filled by the One who intricately handknit them within me on the day of my creation.

My roots must be tended to by my Creator. Only His gentle hand can bring about the healing I so desperately need and desire.

All efforts to find “me”, so I can fully be the me HE crafted, are in vain if those efforts don’t include Him.

I must give Him those moments from years gone by as they come to mind.

I kneel before Him handing over the memory of getting caught bad-mouthing a friend. I place feelings of humiliation and shame at His feet that once overwhelmed my teenage soul that hot Kansas afternoon when my callous words came to light.

I cry out to the heavens confessing that the opinions of others have carried too much weight in my heart and I can no longer bear the burden. Realizing in that moment that although my body is 54 my brain remained frozen in time at age 14.

I confess that there are more roots of mine that have been damaged in relationships but I can only handle bringing them to Him one at a time. The pain of healing is worth it but I can only bear so much in one sitting.

As old wounds get reopened, cleansed, and stitched back together with love, mercy, and grace, I relax. A peace shaped smile begins to form in my heart. And the sensation of His tender Hands mending my soul brings that smile forth to my lips.

Wholeness in Christ reveals the right sense of self. A self that is worthy of revealing to the world. Because the highest self we can attain, is one that points others to Him!

Are there some roots you must attend to in order to live a life that glorifies Him? Take pen and paper in hand, kneel at His feet, and give them over to His care. And in that manner, continue to shine, and “You do you, Boo!”


  1. Ohhh, you are SO right on this one. "You do you" sounds so empowering, but not if it keeps you locked in a self-centered life. If "you do you" also includes doing for others, then keep going strong!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I pray that God blesses you richly this week. And that 'doing you' leads to glorifying Him!

  2. What a wonderful reminder you share, and so glad you linked with Sunday Scripture Blessing so that I could come and truly be blessed by your words. In my getting back to the word and reading faithfully since 2014, your words remind and explain how even though I don't like reliving some past memories, I see in your words that God is doing that for a purpose for me. Walking through the memories I don't like to remember so that I better analyze what he is telling me. Your words today brings that to light. Not that all of them were about doing me, but some are about hurt that I must remember so I can realize forgiveness for hurt by and to me. So enjoyed reading your post today. Have a great week ahead.

    Peabea@Peabea Scribbles

    1. I'm so grateful that you stopped by! Reliving the painful moments does serve a purpose, not to wallow in the past, but to learn and grow from.

      Blessings to you!

  3. So true! I've heard it said in different ways that we will never find ourselves unless we first find Jesus, and I believe that. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Finding Jesus has made all the difference in my life! Thank you so much for stopping by.

      Blessings to you,

  4. Amen! Living for him is an everyday, every moment, every second activity. When we live authentically, we glorify Him! When we humbly repent at our failure we glorify Him!

    I hopped over from Sunday Thoughts.

  5. Amen! I'm learning that I can't run with everything "the peoples" say, rather does my "you" please God and draw others to Christ. Loved how you broke down the fruit and root! ����

    This whole post was FANTASTIC! Thanks for blessing my heart with it and look for me to quote you! ��

    God bless you richly!!